About Azadi

Azadi is an impact venture that build a grassroots salesforce of women entrepreneurs to sell feminine hygiene products in rural India.


My responsibility was designing the website and communicating with other team members to make sure the website content and look represents the company properly.

Design Process

Based on the team requirements and deadlines. I decided to break the website design into two iterations.

First Iteration

This iteration had three goals to accomplish:

  • Build a website that summarizes the message and mission of Azadi
  • Provide a way to get targeted donors’ email address in order to contact them in future
  • Embrace social media channels, where donors can interact with Azadi and ask questions

In order to satisfy the urgent need of having the site up and running. I started building the site in HTML/CSS, since it will go to production after some refining from the team. I used Foundation CSS framework which makes it easy for me to build iterative prototypes.

Second Iteration

this iteration had three goals:

  • Design the website in a way that convey the new Azadi’s identity and color scheme
  • Make donors aware of our upcoming crowdfunding campaign
  • A clear “Cal-to-Action” to Azadi Indiegogo campaign

I built a low-fidelity prototype in Axure. So the team would give their opinions on the structure of the content not on how it looks.

Final Design

Finally, I started building the site in HTML/CSS. I worked with the graphics designer, who designed the company’s logo and its identity, to make sure that the website follow the company’s identity guidelines and color scheme.

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